Business Process Modeling for Business Analysts

The importance of the business analyst’s role in defining process requirements during the planning phases of a project continues to gain recognition across all industries. The business analyst, working in conjunction with the project manager, facilitates the solution of business challenges. However, when gathering requirements for a new or existing project, business analysts must be mindful that any project may require the development and redesign of accompanying processes that not only enhance the success of a project, but also increase the project’s chance of meeting the organisation’s business goals.

This highly interactive course provides participants the opportunity to perform the four phases of a process improvement project-define, analyse, implement and control. You will practice identifying and prioritizing the processes that quire improvement, as well as creating the documents needed to communicate these changes to the rest of the organisation. You will focus on the competencies necessary to perform workflow modeling to ensure you have the core tools required to document the processes. You will also practice creating AS-IS and TO-BE process maps and learn the steps to conduct a gap and stakeholder analysis. Finally, you will develop the competencies required to create new process benchmarks and measurements for new processes. You will
leave this course with the preparation necessary to perform your business analysis responsibilities within the process improvement process and to employ the required skills in accordance with sensitive cost, organisational and stakeholder requirements.

This course could also be a building block in your path towards an internationally accredited Associate or Master's Certificate in Business Analysis (Accredited by The George Washington University).

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