Project Leadership Management & Communications

Project Leadership, Management and Communications is an interactive course designed to provide a solid foundation in key leadership competencies and to afford you the opportunity for a truly transformational leadership experience. As a participant, you will complete a self-assessment of your leadership skills, then master the basics of these leadership competencies: setting direction, aligning people, motivating and inspiring, leading teams, communicating, building relationships, facilitating ethical conduct, negotiating and leading change. You will learn how to empower yourself and other team members through more effective negotiation based on an understanding of the differences between competitive and collaborative negotiation approaches — and you will gain an appreciation of the importance of a collaborative “win/win” negotiation process. You will also gain a clear understanding of why communication is so important — regardless of how a project is organised. And you will discover how business and personal ethics can influence your leadership style and personality.

Learn how to:
Lead project teams through effective communication
Identify motivational value systems to improve productivity and cooperation
Recognise the role of business and personal ethics in leadership
Utilise a powerful four-stage collaborative negotiation process
Define predictable change stages and identify appropriate leadership strategies for each stage
Create a personal Leadership Development Plan

You can also earn your Associate or Masters Certification in Project Management, accredited by the George Washington University, by completing this and other Project Management courses. Make sure you contact us by emailing [email protected] for more information or queries.

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5 days