Chairing Disciplinary Hearings Training - Johannesburg

By investing in this Chairing / Initiating Disciplinary Hearings Training - which we run publicly and in-house throughout South Africa - you will be able to ensure that your managers and supervisors are competent to initiate and preside over disciplinary enquiries

Suitable for:  Supervisors, Managers, HR Practitioners, Shop Stewards

Course duration:  2 days

NQF level:  6

Course content and outcomes:

Discipline and disciplinary hearings in the workplace

  • An introduction to the disciplinary process and its purpose
  • Fundamental premises that should apply to all disciplinary action
  • Typical causes of disciplinary problems in a workplace
  • The classification of transgressions relating to unacceptable conduct
  • Resignation to Avoid Dismissal (RTAD)
  • Initiating a disciplinary enquiry, collecting evidence, drafting the charges, preparing witnesses
  • Opening statements, closing arguments, presenting the evidence, cross-examining witnesses and redirecting
  • The impermissible splitting of charges, and the independence of transgressions
  • Procedural and substantive fairness
  • The rules of evidence applicable to disciplinary enquiries in the workplace:
    • The admissibility of evidence
    • Allegations, evidence and facts
    • Real evidence, admissions and confessions
  • Deciding the merits of the case:
    • Relevant and acceptable facts
    • The reliability and credibility of witnesses
    • The balance of probabilities
    • The onus / burden of proof
    • Formulating and documenting the finding
    • Mitigating and / or aggravating circumstances
    • Determining and ruling on the sanction

Dismissals: Unfair dismissals and unfair labour practices

  • The right not to be unfairly dismissed
    • The definition of dismissal
    • Automatically unfair dismissals
    • Other unfair dismissals
    • Code of good practice: dismissal (Schedule 8)
  • Understanding the categories of dismissals
    • Dismissals on the grounds of misconduct
    • Dismissals on the grounds of incapacity
      • Dismissals for poor work performance
      • Dismissal on the grounds of Ill health or injury
    • Dismissals on the grounds of operational requirements
  • The effective date of dismissals
  • Disputes about unfair dismissals, the burden of proof, remedies

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Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Ron / Michele
Course Details

Unit Standard: 

Unit Standard 10985: Conduct a disciplinary hearing

NQF Level: 

Level 5



Course Delivery Method: 

E-learning E-learning

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Course Duration: 

2 days


In-house and public course fees on request