Business English for Second Language Speakers

The South African work context is unique in that most business is conducted in English, yet the majority of the population do not have English as a first language.
We live in a world where so much of our personal brand is built on how we communicate and a simple confusion of tenses or the incorrect spelling of a word for example (there, their, they're) can completely derail the message that a person is trying to convey as well as have a negative impact on their personal brand, and therefore the brand of the business.

This course is a grammar boot camp that focusses on writing with style. We have integrated grammar, communications skills and a touch of marketing to help individuals break through the language barrier and not only improve their written communication but also learn to write with style.

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Course Details

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On Demand

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3 months made up of 3 x 2 day workshops, 1 x one-on-one coaching session, 4 x assignments and 2 'online chat' assesments


R16 520 per person.

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All course materials