Interviewing Skills and Recruitment Strategies

So often it happens that people shine in an interview, but once they are employed they do not shine. Something in the way we interview people is broken.
Based on experience in a recruitment agency, where every candidate came to the interview with a prepared speech in which they said that they were team players that worked well under pressure but having worked with few people that are really team players that work well under pressure, we started researching what was and wasn't working.

We found the following:
* Current interview trends result in employing the best story teller, or the story teller that says the right things
* 90% of candidates we interviewed, felt like the interview never gave them an opportunity to really show case their skills.

In this course we look at various interview questioning techniques, including competency based interviewing and we combine them with outcomes based interviewing skills. We move the shift from the interview, from the candidate, to the job.

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