Driven Machinery Regulations (DMR) WORKSHOP

There have been significant changes to the National Code of Practice with regard to Driven Machinery Regulations- attending our workshop will ensure that you are up- to- date and compliant with the most recent regulations.

- The Code of Practice requires that all lifting machine/ equipment operators are trained by an accredited provider; regardless of the capacity of lifting equipment in use?

-The new DMR incorporates a total of 11 new national standards, which will ensure that all inspection and testing of driven lifting machinery is standardised.

- The newly revised Code of Practice provides direction regarding the training of all lifting equipment operators; with a view to ensuring that all training is standardised, the focus being on ensuring that safety standards are implemented and a significant risk of injury, death and/ or damage is drastically reduced.

{Applicable legislation: Incorporation of the Health and Safety Standard in terms of Section 44 (1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993- Driven Machinery Regulations 18 (11)}

We will be providing technical workshops to prepare and inform learning delegates on the implications, dangers and benefits associated with Driven Machinery Regulations, in YOUR region! Contact Primeserv for more details and booking information!

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