Managing Performance

Managing performance involves much more than setting up a system. The processes, systems, scorecards, measures and plans are only a small part of the process and they are easy to deal with in comparison to getting the right focus, leadership and culture in place.

Managing people’s performance against organisational requirements, targets and value drivers has proven to be the main challenge in people management over the past two decades. Managers dread this process as it may lead to confrontation, disagreements and may even be seen as personal attack on the individual concerned. Employees also dread this process as they see it as a punitive management tool, and this process is also associated with unfairness, favouritism and uncertainty of measurement.

This programme provides the fundamental and critical skills required by people managers, supervisors, team leaders, project managers and HR practitioners with the skills to successfully manage the process and ensure that it is a positive and effective motivational tool to maximise performance.

At the end of this programme learners will be able to:
Apply performance management principles, Set performance agreements/standards, Conduct informal and formal performance reviews.

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Luis Fynn
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2 Days


R 2 800 excl. VAT