Customer Service

It will give them the tools and understanding to create strong and lasting customer relationships with internal and external customers.  They will learn how to handle difficult situations and upset customers and how effective customer service will be productive for both them and the organisation.  There will be case studies throughout the workshop and an interactive session of ‘how do I measure up’ after each module.


 By attending this course, delegates will:
  • Understand how customer service creates revenue and healthy organizations
  • Understand the impact of poor customer service on the organisation and on the individual
  • Appreciate how dealing effectively with customers can reduce personal stress at work
  • Identify internal and external customers and that they are equally as important
  • Build on listening strengths and reduce obstacles to listening
  • Effectively use problem-solving, questioning, and solution exploring techniques
  • Appreciate the power of words and using the correct body language
  • Recognise and respond effectively to specific customer behaviours
  • Convey unpleasant information and negotiate solutions.


 Module 1:  Customer Services Is Effective Communication

  • Saying what you mean and meaning what you say
  • What you don’t say: non-verbal communication
  • Co-workers as partners – communicating across functions
  • Exceptional service is in the details
  • Responding positively to negative feedback
  • Never underestimate the value of a sincere thank you

Module 2:  Relationship Building

  • Establishing rapport
  • Interacting positively with customers
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Making the customer feel valued
  • Maintaining ongoing relationships
  • Different strokes: know how to handle different types of customers

Module 3:  Calming The Storm – Difficult People Contacts

  • How to deal with the customers from hell – they are customers too!
  • The customers from hell hall of shame and how to deal with them
  • When the customer says ‘No’ – dealing with objections

Module 4:  Taking Care Of You

  • Master the art of calm
  • Keep it professional
  • Being assertive
  • The competence principle
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Bianca van Wyk
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1 day



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Lunch and refreshments