Career Builder Programme for Sales and Digital Marketing

About the programme
The GradCampus Career Builder Programme for Sales and Digital Marketing include an extensive range of courses integrated to develop both a sales mindset and digital marketing skills effectively. Students are exposed to very relevant modern sales and digital marketing theory, and will learn how to apply their skills in a meaningful and practical manner to have maximum impact.
Included in the programme are courses that help address a range of skills in high demand today, for example: Call Centre Training, Google AdWords Campaigning and Marketing with Social Media. These courses, in addition to a range of sales and marketing course, will build the required mindset, abilities and confidence required for effective and successful sales and marketing – both from a digital marketing perspective and from a personal or telemarketing perspective.

The specific selection of courses included in your programme will provide you with substantial insight and knowledge to enable you to confidently enter this industry in a junior position. The programme offers candidates a comprehensive skill-set that will stand our student in good stead when finding and crafting career opportunities and throughout his/her career. There remains a strong demand for knowledgeable people in many sales, marketing and digital marketing positions today.

Who should enrol
School leavers and young graduates who have a keen interest in sales, marketing and digital marketing, or just to get a good foothold in the world of work. The programme has a strong focus on three aspects, including the application of theory in those areas. Graduates will find that they have a fairly good understanding of how sales and marketing fits into business in general, as a result of the comprehensive exposure their CBP offers, both on a personal and professional level.

Career prospects:
Entry-level careers and roles in/as:

  • Sales representative
  • Marketing assistant
  • Digital marketer
  • Junior brand representative
  • Retail assistant
  • Shop assistant
  • Online marketer
  • Social media marketer
  • Call Centre agent
  • Telemarketing
  • Leads prospector
  • Sales/product promoter

Entry requirements:
A Matric pass and a good command of English are highly recommended for successful completion of the programme. You must also have regular access to the Internet via a computer or laptop - you will not be able to complete your work effectively from a cell phone.

What do I get on completion?:
Successful graduates receive a Certificate in Sales and Digital Marketing from GradCampus on completion. A unique verification key is printed on all certificates so that it can be validated on’s website by prospective employers. Please note that this is not a formal qualification that would normally be used to gain entry into formal higher education. The SCRS Group offers professional development programmes in support of continued and life-long learning to expand and refine skill-sets and career prospects. As part of the Group, GradCampus offer our Career Builder Programmes to young people starting their careers to help them gain the knowledge, skills and attributes to improve their employability and employment prospects and to prepare them to enter the job market successfully.

Do you provide support?:
Yes – all students are allocated to an online tutor and you may email him or her any time of the day when you need advice or assistance with your studies, or run into a problem. You will typically receive a response within 24 hours during weekdays. There are also forums for online collaboration and other channels to stay in contact with Support.

Payment options:
The cost for this programme is R11900 if paid in full online.
You can pay directly online with a credit card or EFT. If you pay online, you will be enrolled directly and immediately.

If you wish to pay in monthly installments, please email [email protected] to request an invoice for this purpose. The following payment terms are available:
Deposit required at registration: R4800 plus 4 x monthly payments of R2200 each - The total cost for the payments option is: R13600.

How do I enrol?
The process has been made as easy as possible:
1. You register directly online at;
2. Select the programme that you wish to enroll in and pay online
3. After payment, you will have direct access to your learning material and can start straight away

If you choose to pay in installments, email us at: [email protected] and we will send you an invoice on the 20th of each month to be paid by the 1st of the next month.

Are there any other hidden costs?:
No – your course fee includes your registration fee, all study fees, support provided and certification. Your internet connection is for your own account. You will be studying online and therefore you will also not have any accommodation, traveling and book fees. If you do not have a computer or laptop, you may have to purchase one and also arrange for a 3G (or other) internet connection.
You should have no problem completing your programme within 12 months, but you may extend your enrollment for an additional R900 per month after the initial 12 months, if something unforeseen happens that slows you down.

What can I expect from GradCampus after completing my programme?:
After completing your programme, the SCRS Group will invite you to list on our database. If you agree, the Group will share your details with selected partners and keep you in the loop with opportunities for employment, learnerships,work projects, and network opportunities. We would like to keep in touch with you, follow your career success, and share opportunities with you as they emerge, and share career and business opportunities as they become available.

The SCRS Group has a considerable network and reach, and are active in the education and employment industry, in particular as far as entry-level opportunities are concerned. In addition, we gladly include alumni in our network and will continue to communicate with you to hear how you are doing, and provide guidance along the way to help you make the most of your talents! We are extremely passionate about graduate and school leaver employment and employability and are we strongly favour an entrepreneurial culture. Above all, we want to help you to succeed in your studies and career!

Courses included in your programme:
1. Getting your job search started
2. Goal Setting
3. Workplace Success - 7 Key Skills
4. Time Management
5. Being a Team Player
6. Emotional Intelligence
7. Active Listening
8. Business Ethics for the office
9. Personal Brand: Maximizing Personal Impact
10. Marketing and Sales
11. Call Center Training - sales and customer service
12. Marketing for Small Businesses
13. Branding: Creating and Managing your Corporate Brand
14. Marketing With Social Media
15. Telemarketing - using the telephone as a sales tool
16. Basic Internet Marketing
17. Social Selling For Small Businesses
18. Prospecting for leads Like a Pro
19. Building a Brand on Social Media
20. Introduction to E-mail Marketing
21. Creating a Google Adwords Campaign
22. Selling Smarter
23. Problem Solving: Decision Making
24. Creative Thinking and Innovation

Contact Details

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Course Details

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Course Delivery Method: 

E-learning E-learning

Distance Distance

On Demand On Demand

Course Duration: 

12 months


R11900 once-off, or R13600 on terms

Course fee Includes: 

All studies, material, support. You only need to have your own laptop and internet connection.