Supervisor Development Programme - 1 contact day per month - customised

The traditional SDP has a total of 12 days, which includes an orientation day. It is delivered over a period of one year, with a 1-day workshop per month running in the quieter period of the month or on a Saturday.

This has been successfully implemented especially in medium to smaller companies who cannot afford to have learners out of the workplace due to do production for long periods. This can be customised to your needs and you can also select which workshops you want covered or not, leading to less contact days.

1: SDP Orientation
Overview of the SDP, Assessment requirements, Goal setting, Learning to learn skills

2: Personal Mastery
Self-Management, Value mastery, Emotions mastery, Belief mastery

3: Business Basics (u/s 10981)
Business value proposition, Business values, Value chain, Business goals and measures.

4:Supervisor Role (u/s 10981)
Supervisor values and authority, Supervisor accountabilities, Supervisor skills and measures, Shift analysis (time)

5:Planning and Controlling work (u/s 10981)
Setting targets, Contracting with team members, Evaluating performance, Giving feedback, Evaluating worker productivity

6: Leadership and Organising (u/s 10981)
Leaders as “engagers” and “influencers”, Empowering team members, Giving instructions, Motivating team members

7 & 8: Discipline 1 & 2 (u/s 11286)
Charging employees – steps and principles of fairness, Dealing with poor performance, Dealing with absenteeism, Dealing with alcohol abuse, Dealing with insubordination

9: Problem Solving (u/s 264403)
Levels of authority, Decision making skills, Problem solving steps, Lateral thinking techniques, Technical knowledge acquisition.

10 & 11: Coaching 1& 2 (u/s 117877)
Understanding the basics of performance, Identifying coaching needs, Coaching techniques, Coaching and assessment, Coaching record keeping

12: Customer Care (u/s 252214)
Setting standards for service excellence, Understanding the value chain, Gathering feedback from customer, Dealing with complaints

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Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Tamsin Puren
Course Details

Unit Standard: 

10981, 252034, 242817, 117877, 11286

Course Delivery Method: 

Presented Presented Courses

In House In-House

On Demand On Demand

Course Duration: 

1-contact day per month over 12 months


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