S D I - What is this powerful tool?

SDI stands for 'strength deployment inventory'. It can be integrated into any environment where people need to work togehter and can form part of a number of training workshops as indicated below:

*  Board Development    *  Change Management     *  Coaching   *  Communication

*  Conflict Management         *  Customer Service    *  Decision Making    *  EQ

*  Leadership Development   *  Performance Management   *  Project Management 

*  Teambuilding and many more.

SDI is a person-centered approach to describing the dynamics of relationships and a must for any company that wants to improve their productivity and improve employee relations.  People are either your key to success, OR biggest impediment.  Our motivational values are revealed through the assessment results and reflected on individual portraits for delegates at our training workshops.

Delegates learn how do you -

  • tap into the underlying motives of people?
  • ensure that employees apply their strengths at work?
  • get engagement when every individual and every path to engagement is different?
  • help people engage themselves and get then to connect to the organisation?

The people in organisations are the ones who must execute strategic initiatives, achieve goals, and live and abide by the company values.  This tool empowers people to align their values with the job.  The tools and concepts of the Relationshp Awareness Theory are the enablers that give each of us the opportunity to understand ourselves better, be more mindful of the needs of others and then help us manage the interface so that the relationships can flourish and reward all of the people involved.

Having a nice conflict is indeed possible.  It allows us to avoid difficult situations in the workplace and reduce the conflict that does exist which can make life more stressful.  It provides us with the understanding to know ourselves and others better and to ensure that we continue to thrive in the workplace.

Retain good people; reduce turnover; improve team effectiveness and communication; enhance team creativity and innovation; reduce the cost of conflict and create a culture that fosters engagement using the SDI Relationship Awareness Tool.


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Rita Lally
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On Demand On Demand

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1 - 2 Days



Course fee Includes: 

20 Page Individual Assessment Report for each individual