Coaching Fundamentals: Context and Skills

SACAP’s course in Coaching Fundamentals offers you theoretical and experiential grounding in key concepts from Applied Psychology, as well as foundational coaching competencies to incorporate into intentional coaching conversations and interactions.
This part-time 4-month course has a strong experiential component, including being coached around your own personal and professional development in relation to the concepts you are learning about. There is also a strong practical component that focuses on the application of the foundational coaching competencies of contracting, relationship building, coaching presence and effective communication. You will receive mentor coaching from an ICF credentialed coach based on their observation of your own engagement as a coach. An introduction to ethical practice helps you understand the scope of practice as a coach.

At a Glance
Availability On campus (Johannesburg and Cape Town)
Duration 4 months.
Intakes 1 Intake per year
Modules and Credits 1 Evening Module (10 weekly sessions), 1 Intensive Module (4 consecutive days), 6 coaching sessions with a professional coach to reflect on your own personal and professional development.
Practical support in developing your coaching competencies through: 2 Observed Sessions with customised feedback from an ICF credentialed coach, 2 Individual Mentor Coaching sessions with an ICF credentialed coach, 1 Group Mentor Coaching Sessions with an ICF credentialed coach. ICF and COMENSA Aligned.
Is this course for me?
If you say yes to any of the following points, Coaching Fundamentals: Context & Skills could just be the perfect fit for you.

Do you?
Want to explore what coaching is all about and develop foundational coaching competencies.
Want to reflect on your own personal and professional development.
Seek to increase your leadership impact and increase the engagement of your team members.
Have a natural curiosity about how psychology can be applied in effective coaching.
Desire to study while working full-time.
What will I learn?
In this course, you will:

Explore and critically evaluate the application of theories and concepts from psychology within the scope of practice of a coach.
Deepen your insight into how people think, feel and behave.
Learn how to create a context that is conducive to an effective coaching conversation.
Learn how to cultivate your presence as a coach to develop others effectively.
Increase your self-awareness and self-management.
Develop and refine the coaching competencies of contracting, relationship building, coaching presence and effective communication.
Receive customised developmental feedback around your application of these coaching competencies from an ICF credentialed coach.
What can I do with this course?
Apply coaching as an essential workplace skillset to have more effective conversations with others.
Enhance management and leadership aptitudes through the application of fundamental coaching competencies.
Apply your deepened self-awareness and increased insight into how people think, feel and behave within your relationships with others.
If you wish to take your studies further, you can apply for the next level course, Enhanced Coaching Practice: Facilitating Sustainable Learning and Change.
It is a pathway to continue into our Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching if you meet the admission requirements.
Minimum admission requirements
A minimum of 3 years relevant working experience.
Subject to a selection process.
Deepen your self-awareness and awareness of others.
Cultivate your presence as a coach within your current job role.
Learn to apply fundamental coaching competencies in your interactions with others.

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