SACAP’s online learning programmes are made up of modules that are presented through SACAP’s interactive learning management system, MySACAP.
Each module lasts 12 weeks and students complete one module section per week and need to dedicate approximately 1 hour of study time a day to stay on top of their work.

Monday morning – all the necessary content and resources on MySACAP for the week will be released to the student. Students spend the first two days working through the learning resources, which include readings from prescribed texts, videos, PowerPoints and working through study notes.
Wednesday – activities and discussions for the week are launched. At their own pace, students will complete activities and engage with other students in the forum discussions, which are designed to assimilate and apply the requisite knowledge from the learning resources.
Friday – the student will make an entry in their reflection journal, which helps them contemplate, analyse and internalise their learning.

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