Outcomes Achieved


Key outcomes of the course:

  • Understand the fundamentals of, and the importance of achieving excellence in customer service at work
  • Understanding the human behavioral model and integrating this into applied customer service
  • Understand and apply the fundamentals of effective communication needed for positive customer service
  • Understand and apply effective listening techniques needed to treat each customer as unique individuals
  • Understand the fundamentals of, and dealing with an IRATE customer [angry; enraged; irritated; etc]
  • Understand and apply research tools to aid in achieving customer excellence [customer feedback]
  • Identify personal key performance areas needed for self improvement and set up performance indicators to demonstrate personal achievements with Excellence in Customer Care.


Understanding of the Briefing


In all sectors of trade and industry, customer service is a critical function that needs to be understood and applied by all personnel within the organogram of business. Whether it involves internal customer service [departmental], or external customers [public], each and every individual in a business needs to understand the impacts their behaviour has to the overall successes and achievements of that business.

Individuals need to understand and master the listening skills, communication skills, emotional skills and motivational skills needed to achieve excellence in customer service and customer care. They need to further understand and apply modern methods and tools, which have been tried and tested, to facilitate this service delivery function within business.


Becoming the preferred provider begins with the customer!

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Candice Van Heerden
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Level 1

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In Class In Class

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Course Duration: 

1 day