1. Introduction to Six Sigma

- The history of quality management

- Foundations of Six sigma

- Fundamentals of management

- Opportunities and risks within quality

- Key embedded management concepts within Six Sigma

- Case study


  1. Statutory obligations within the quality domain

- Introduction to legislation

- Criminal and civil liability

- Statutes supported by quality management

- Case study


  1. Behavioural sciences within the quality domain

- Introduction to human behaviour

- Motivational drivers and attitudes within quality management

- Managing human behaviour

- Case study


  1. Root cause analysis

- Introduction to root cause analysis

- Strategic benefits using root cause analysis

- Root cause analysis tools and techniques

- Case study


  1. Six Sigma support

- The 5 S principle

- Workstation design

- Applied Ergonomics

- ISSMEC and the 7E’s

- ISO 9001:2015 principles (Annex-SL)


  1. Six Sigma

- Terms and definitions

- Statistical application

- Six Sigma elements

- Six Sigma organisation

- Six Sigma methodology (DMAIC;  DMADV and DIDOV)

- Six Sigma activities (value-sustaining-non value)

- Six Sigma tools

- Case study

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Candice Van Heerden
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3 days