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To apply leadership concepts in a work context using the Enneagram Self-Mastery Tool. A portion of this workshop is customised to the individual. This workshop is fully accredited with unit standard 242824. AIM: To apply leadership concepts in a work context using the tools of self-awareness to effectively develop leadership ability. COURSE CONTENT What is Leadership Understanding the concept of leadership within the working environment. What are the qualities of a leader? Exploring the roles a leader plays and the qualities exhibited. Linking these to emotional intelligence at play in the diverse SA workforce. What is the difference between leadership and management? Exploring these different concepts. When to lead and when to manage? Situational leadership. Different types of leadership Trait leadership, behavioural styles. Servant leadership, Transformational leadership and Visionary leadership. The teams leadership approach Team leaders, management and the ever changing vista of group dynamics. Implement leadership in order to improve group dynamics and achieve objectives Leadership techniques in a group environment. Evaluate impact of leadership techniques on organisational requirement Setting the objectives, measuring and comparing. The effectiveness of the techniques is evaluated against theory and practice Monitoring the technique. Corrective actions are taken, where appropriate, to improve the effectiveness of the individual or team Adjusting your direction. Using profiling and coaching to enhance my leadership approach Use of the Enneagram to help understand personal motivation and coaching to assist on a personal level.

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