Effective Service Delivery

Aim: This workshop is designed to assist the delegate with Effective Service Delivery. Organisations that align their strategic vision to their client - s needs and are then adapt their operational planning accordingly are more likely to show positive results and growth. This workshop will assist the delegate with aligning the vision and approaching their tasks from a basic project management viewpoint, lending strength to the quality, cost and time approach to service delivery. Content: What is Service Delivery and why the Project Management Approach? Identifying the 9 aspects of a task or project, Communication, Team, Risk, Time, Procurement, Cost, Quality, Customer and Scope, Understanding and defining scope, Managing the client and other parties/stakeholders, Organising the project, Risk identification and analysis, Task identification and analysis, Cost identification and analysis, Creating the task lists (work to be done), Using standard charts and theories to plan, Analysing the value of the project, Monitoring and controlling the project. Outcome: At the end of the workshop the delegates will be able to define the scope of a project, understand and use standard project management methods and manage key projects with full knowledge of time, scope, quality and cost. The delegate will be in the position to organize and manage a basic project and offer improved service delivery. SAQA US ID 120372 L4 C5 Explain fundamentals of project management

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From R4 140 per delegate (including VAT)