Enneagram and EI for Leaders

Aim: To empower and develop delegates and enable them to use their knowledge and skills on Emotional Intelligence, practically and effectively. Content: Principles and Theory of Emotional Intelligence explained, relating to leadership, self-management and in relation to the theory of multiple intelligences, including spiritual. Principles of Emotional Intelligence in practice, including attitudes, conflict handling (internal and external) communication, assertiveness, identifying stress and stressful behaviours. Enneagram profiling and analysis- a coaching tool for self-awareness and self-mastery. Understanding core motivations, values and fears. Understanding the nine lenses of the world. Interpersonal Competencies at Work, what do individuals respond well to, how to deliver feedback both positive and negative, social and cultural awareness and the advantages of listening well. Recognising our Locus of Control, responsibilities to self, others, organisation, community and planet Using Optimum Performance Indicators to the best of their ability, providing feedback in an emotionally intelligent fashion ensuring maximum production. Outcome This workshop will be useful to all learners who work with people in their place of employment Analysing the relationship between emotional intelligence and self-awareness in relation to leadership. The Enneagram Profiling requires preworkshop interaction and is arguably one of the most relevant and effective tools used in the teachings of Emotional Intelligence and Self-Mastery. Aligned to SAQA US ID 120305 NQF LEVEL 5 CREDITS 8 US TITLE Analyse the role that emotional intelligence plays in leadership

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