Introduction to the Business World

Aim: This workbook is designed as an introduction to the business world. It is suitable for upliftment candidates such as housekeeping staff being groomed for reception, or even interns straight from matric who need to see the bigger business picture. Often the only criteria stopping suitable job candidates is a lack of confidence and sometimes a lack of global understanding of business terms, especially in the English language. This workbook is geared around discussion and information sharing. Working through this workbook with a coach or mentor will assist such candidates with confidence, professionalism and knowledge of what attitudes are necessary to cement their climb up the career ladder. This coaching approach starts with a minimum of 2 sessions and can be extended to 6. Content: Business Today Professional Telephone Etiquette Record Management Wrapping Up Outcome: This learner will have a basic idea of the expectations and requirements that will be made from them in the workplace. SAQA US ID NQF LEVEL CREDITS US TITLE 252210 4 4 Handle a range of customer complaints and queries

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