Leading Change

Aim: To understand the importance of strategically leading change in an organisation. Ineffective change management leads to a breakdown of strategy which in turn impacts negatively on the outcome. From a leadership perspective the specific circumstances that go along with change need to be identified, understood and effectively addressed. Content: How “change management” assists in achieving sustainable trading results; Examples of planned change and reactive change in an organisation; A model for effective change and the management thereof; Reasons for resistance to change and how to overcome them; Identifying inherent risks in any change management strategy; Ways to manage the risks; Keeping it real, putting it into practice. Outcome: The delegate will be able to demonstrate and implement a better-planned and formalised way forward, managing change whilst retaining and/or increasing productivity SAQA US ID NQF LEVEL CREDITS US TITLE 115407 5 10 Apply the principles of change management in the workplace

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