Minute Taking 2 Days

Minute Taking - 2 day workshop Aim: Enabling the PA or Secretary to prepare for, take and distribute full and professional minutes. Content: Understanding the Role of Meetings: What a should meeting consist of and what it should achieve, Special types of meetings and the role of the secretary in the meeting, Familiarising yourself with the language of meetings, Organising an Effective and Productive Meeting: Sending out the Notice of a Meeting Suggestion for more productive meetings, Checklist of arrangements that need to be made, What you should take with you and where you should sit, Preparing a Working Agenda: The Objective of an Agenda - Standard sections that need to be included, Headings and attachments that get people to think and prepare for the topic, Clearing the agenda prior to sending it out, Utilising agenda formats available in MS Word, The Procedure during a Meeting: Check attendance, read previous minutes, motions, discussions and agenda points, Call in guests or specialists, brain storming and idea generation, voting and decision making, summarising and setting future dates, Identifying the Type of Minutes you are expected to take: Verbatim Minutes - word-for-word Resolution Minutes - formal type meetings Narrative Minutes - telling the story of the meeting Action Minutes - for working groups etc, Meeting Terminology, How to record votes, Bonus Extra: Reported Speech / Past Tense forms SAQA US ID NQF LEVEL CREDITS US TITLE 13934 3 4 Plan and prepare meeting communications

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