Personal Mastery

Aim: To empower and develop delegates and enable them to use their knowledge and skills to the fullest, practically and effectively. This workshop includes a one hour pre-course questionnaire for individual Enneagram reporting. The Enneagram is arguably the most valuable self-mastery tool available to us today. The Staff Training facilitators are also Enneagram accredited life and leadership coaches Content: Principles and Theory of Emotional Intelligence and Accountability Principles of Emotional Intelligence Principles of BASE and FASE Interpersonal Competencies at Work Recognising our Locus of Control Owning your day. Establishing the difference between urgent and important and working Outcome This workshop will be useful to all learners who work with people in their place of employment. Analysing the relationship between emotional intelligence and self-awareness in relation to self-mastery SAQA US ID NQF LEVEL CREDITS US TITLE 120305 4 8 Analyse the role that emotional intelligence plays in leadership

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2 days


From R4 140 per delegate (including VAT)