Work Life Balance

Aim: This workshop will assist the learners to recognise what work-life balance is and why it is important. Also to recognise their personal warning signs for when the balance is thrown out and how to address the various areas that will need attention. The workshop is holistic and includes a realistic take on both employer and employee - s needs. Content: Definition of Work Life Balance Where we are now The Benefits of a healthy work life balance Employer solutions Bringing the focus to work Being the best you can Recognising your motivations and making your choices Outcome: At the end of this workshop delegates will have the ability to analyse their motivations, behaviours and choices against the criteria for work life balance and pinpoint the more challenging areas. They will have the knowledge on how to implement change and set clear parameters for themselves and others. SAQA US ID NQF LEVEL CREDITS US TITLE 117171 3 2 Manage time effectively to enhance productivity and enable a balanced lifestyle

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