Emotional Intelligence


This programme explores the concept of Emotional Intelligence and allows for its practical application in the workplace. The ability to understand and control one’s emotions opens many doors for self-empowerment and enables learners to lead their lives, and others more effectively. Through empathy, listening and self-awareness, skills of emotional intelligence, workplace, and customer relations improve exponentially.


 To help learners to identify their daily emotions and the emotions of others

  • To teach learners the key skills to empathetically handle managers, colleagues and customers
  • To improve the effectiveness of learner’s listening skills regarding the emotional needs of others
  • To identify the ways in which learners can increase their emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • To teach learners how to shift their belief systems regarding their capabilities


 Module One: The role and impact of emotional intelligence

  • The history of emotional intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence versus emotional quotient
  • Adaptive and maladaptive emotions
  • Identifying the emotions of oneself
  • Identifying the emotions of others

 Module Two: Emotions and feelings – application in the workplace

  • The effect of emotions and feelings on behavior
  • Associating the feelings and behavior
  • How emotions affect performance at work
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Listening versus hearing
  • Distinguishing between thoughts and feelings

 Module Three: Increasing emotional intelligence in the workplace

  • Emotional literacy
  • Respecting others in the workplace
  • Getting a positive value from emotions
  • Affirmations and Visualisations
  • The five areas of emotional intelligence
  • Skills & Techniques to emotional intelligence in the workplace


*Method of presentation:

Course manuals; Facilitation; Self-assessments; Participative involvement; Practical exercises; Role plays, Formative assessments.

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Anil Salick
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Level 4
Level 5

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E-learning E-learning

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Course Duration: 

3 Days


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Course Manuals; Facilitation; Assessments; Portfolios of Evidence done in class, Personality/ Team Profile; Conferencing Costs if Public Course