Strategic Planning (Core Focus of our work with Management Teams)

Why a Visioning and Strategic Planning process?

A Visioning and Strategic plan is the starting point for any business wanting to gain strategic competitive advantage in the marketplace.

It clarifies motive and intention, gets buy-in from your key managers and staff, and affects key areas in your business: how you serve your customers, your financial plans, internal policies and procedures, and learning and growth to capacitate your team. This will influence targeted marketing, brand identity, success planning and having plans/ policies/ procedures in place to making decision making simpler.

The Visioning and Strategic Planning consists of three phases:

Phase One (Formulate): This involves engaging with management to develop mission, vision, values (MVV); internal and external audits (SWOT and competitive analysis); establishing long term strategies; choosing particular strategies; establish plans to implement and measure performance in the key areas of the business and its people. This approach is customised to each company.

Our approach is to facilitate and document a ‘VSP’ document of 30 to 50 pages and then produce a 1 pager Strategic Map to capture the key essence for communicating to all concerned.

Phase Two: (Implement): This requires a company to establish annual objectives, devise policies, motivate staff and use financial (and other) resources wisely to execute the formulated strategies. This includes redirecting marketing efforts, using information systems, linking employee compensation to performance. This is the “action phase”.

Our approach is to meet with your organisation every 6 weeks to report on the strategic implementation plan. Strategies planned and not implemented serve no useful purpose.

Phase Three: (Evaluate): All strategies may be subject to changing external and internal factors, and may need to be modified. The three most important activities here are:
a) Review external and internal factors that are the basis for the strategies selected
b) Measure performance
c) Take corrective actions

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