Dear B-BBEE Clients


Well 2019 has arrived with a vengeance and I certainly hope that it is a fantastic year both  personally and professionally. 


During 2018 a lot of B-BBEE changes came about and transformation in South Africa is no longer a buzzword, but a reality that has many implications on a constantly changing playing field.   At BConsult we have always looked at the B-BBEE best practice, however we have strived to make B-BBEE make practical sense within each business unit.  B-BBEE needs to be a viable business option which creates transformation within the organisation and adds value in securing additional business for the organisation.


With that said, and to add increased value to our clients, the B-BBEE consulting arm of Bconsult and the B-BBEE consulting arm of GBA Legal have joined forces to become The Bee Coach. 


There are many advantages for your business by the consolidation of these two entities and I will list a few of them below. 


  1. The BEECoach is a Level 1 ,  company, your payments to BEE Coach will receive a procurement recognition value of 135%
  2. The BEECoach is 100% Black female owned and managed.
  3. Glodean Brijlal is a practicing attorney with on the ground experience and application of the everchanging B-BEE laws  . She  specialises in BEE Trusts and corporate restructuring ,  The BEE Coach will  take care of any ownership trusts or advice required on structing ownership to comply with your relevant sector codes and obtain maximum points available to you on the scorecard.
  4. Glodean and myself will be working on all organisations B-BBEE together, which will mean additional capacity, as one of us will always be available to assist you.
  5. The BEECoach will work hand in hand with BConsult to ensure all your training and Employment Equity requirements for B-BEE purposes are timeously met.
  6. The BEECoach has exciting Supplier and Enterprise Development plans for the coming year , of which our clients will receive the maximum benefit  as they become available.



Please note that your invoices from February 2019 will be from the BEECoach and no longer from BConsult, this is with regard to consulting only.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries, I will be setting up appointments to introduce Glodean.




Kind regards




Tracey McLennan



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