Management Development Training Programme (46 Credits)

Management Development Training Programme (45 Credits)

Unit Standards: US 15237: Build teams to meet set goals and objectives – NQF Level 5 - 3 credits

US 15233: Harness diversity and build on strengths of a diverse working environment – NQF Level 5 - 3 credits

US 114878: Identify and measure the factors that influence productivity – NQF Level 5 - 10 credits

US 114884: Co-ordinate the improvement of productivity within a functional unit – NQF Level 5 - 8 Credits

US 15224: Empower team members through recognising strengths and encouraging participation in decision making and delegating tasks – NQF Level 5 - 4 credits

US 12140: Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions – NQF Level 5 - 9 Credits

US 114226: Interpret and manage conflict within the workplace – NQF Level 5 - 8 Credits

Purpose: This is a workshop that gives you the skills to manage teams by adopting different leadership styles for the different stages of a team.

To ensure a team functions to its full potential it is important that aspects such as diversity and conflicts are managed proactively.

We discuss recruiting the right people for the right job, performance contracts, performance appraisals and individual development plans.

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5 Days


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