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For an organization to run cohesively, communication is necessary. Communication involves listening attentively, engaging in dialogue and delivering information in the most direct and productive ways possible. All the people in an organization, from its leaders to its members, are responsible for their role in efficient and open communication. To better improve the state of communication within your organization, consider how each member of the team contributes to this goal.

Communication Core Skills
• Communicating is individual
- We’re not all the same
- Change yourself to change others
- You are the only one for you
- What’s already working?
• How communication happens
- Verbal and non-verbal communication
- Communication cycle
• What can get in the way of effective communication
- Common barriers to effective communication
- We all make too many assumptions
- Patterns reverting to character type
- Needing to be right
• Conflict resolution
- Conflict
- Agreement
- Bridge building
- ‘I’ not ‘you’
• Improving communication skills
- Be a good influence
- Attitude and staying positive
- Effective listening and responding
- Importance of feedback
- Communication through delegation
- Going back to basics

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Lionel Bourgeois
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6 hours ( 1 day)


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electronic training material, unlimited post webinar support, electronic certificate