Experience Economy

The Experience Economy is a new economic arens in which all organizations make it their mission to orchestrate memorable events beyond customer experiences for their customers. This plays a crucial role in surviving and achieving a competitive advantage within industry. This practical workshop looks at roles that staff play in what the Performing Arts and Sports Arenas have understood for years; the staff (characters) perform to their best on stage (the company) for their audience (the customers).


Value-added Economy
* Your company's strategy - overview
* Customer Contact
- the nature of human experience
- the process of creating meaning
- the characteristics of meaningful experiences
- the starting points in bringing about meaningful experiences
- the design principles of meaningful experiences
- the stages of designing and developing meaningful experiences

The Transformative Experience

Process and tools
- Real-world rules
- Real-time actions

Communication in the 21st century

Applying value-add in the economy

Facing and reviewing competition

Execution of the performance

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Lionel Bourgeois
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1450 per person (excluding 15% vat) * Min 10 people