Human Resource Management for HR Administrators


The shift from traditional personnel management to human resource management has mirrored a growing realization by organizations of the staff’s important contribution within the company. This practical workshop will offer HR Administrators a wide angle view of the key skills necessary in this important position in order to more effectively and fully assist in the administrative function.


• Human resource management and the organization
- Basic definition and key assumptions
• Human resource planning
- What is human resource planning?
- The planning process
- The appraisal process and techniques
• Training and development
- Knowledge skills and abilities
• Recruitment and selection
- Job analysis
- Sourcing candidates
- The recruitment interview
- Psychometric testing
- Reference checks and making an offer
• Compensation and benefits
- Flat rate; Basic plus commission
- Bonus pay; Profit shares; Piecework
• Performance appraisals
- Training and development perspectives
- The training cycle
- Training needs analysis
- New core competencies
• Dealing with problematic employees
• Disciplinary Appeals
- Difference between a hearing and an enquiry
- Warnings and appeals

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Michelle Schilder-Rodger
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1 day (8 hours)


R 2200 p/person excl VAT ( includes training, material, lunch, refreshments, feedback report & E-certificate p/person)

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