Positive Selling

Effective sales and customer service training is crucial for any business whether you are selling a product or rendering a service. Before going out to call on customers, or dealing with them over the counter, the salesperson should have an understanding of accepted sales techniques like relationship selling and consultative or value-added selling. They should also be familiar with the selling soft skill on how to move a sale along and how to wrap up a deal.
Introduction to sales: The role of the sales person
The sales process – Prospecting and Preparation
- Selling in desperate times
- Steps to differentiation

Communication skills in sales – Managing first Impressions
- Body language
- The telephone and email etiquette; A bridge not a barrier
- Positive communication
- Must-ask sales questions
- Careful listening
- How to prepare an effective quotation
- Sales database – the key sales advantage

Understanding customer needs and expectations
- Motivating the customer to action
- Negotiating skills
- Problem solving

Selling features and benefits through purpose, value and passion
The selling equation
- Forming strong relationships
- Traits and trust

Recognising buying signals
- Handling objections effectively
- Closing the sale
- Feedback and follow through
Post mortem
- Effects of losing a sale

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4 hours


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