Positive Selling: Understanding the Customer (Half Day)

It is a sales person’s job to deal with a variety of customers daily all with their individual complex personalities, expectations, desires and varying standards of acceptance. Understanding the make-up of people and how to read them constructively will enhance communication and benefit sales. This practical workshop looks at customer interaction through role-plays, and will give participants valuable life skills in which to approach people positively.

Understanding customers
- Customer types
- Varying complex personalities
- The make-up of a customer
- How does the customer want you to treat him?
- Reading customers
Understanding customer demands, standards and expectations
Positive communication
- Your voice tonality
- Your body language
- Engaging or disengaging
- Staying positive
Recognizing buying signals
- Requesting a quote/price
- Asking for alternative products/services
- Asking for back-up service or guarantees
Taking a step further
- Offering more than the customer needs?
- Up sell and cross sell
- Being passionate about what you do
- Generating referrals
Ensuring repeat business through successful sales interventions
Post Mortem
- Effects of winning/losing a customer

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½ Day (4 hours)


R 1100 p/person excl VAT (includes training, material/notes, refreshments & E-certificate p/person)