Purchase & Supply Chain Management WEBINARS

Purchasing & Supply management is an important barometer of corporate profit potential in the modern-day economic landscape, signaling how a company administers its logistical activities and vendor relationships. Like all areas of business, ethics in purchasing and supply management is critically important as it can affect the company’s bottom line. This workshop will introduce the fundamental aspects of the supply chain environment including organization resource planning and requirement systems.

• Supplier selection

• Price determination

• The Role of Communication

• Building Blocks of Negotiation

• Strategy Development

• Stages of Successful Negotiation

• Techniques of Negotiation

• Negotiating from the Marketing Perspective

• Some Classic Bargaining Tactics

• Ethics in Purchasing

• Inventory Management techniques

• Contract legal issues

• Quality Assurance

This workshop can also be presented at your premises

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Lionel Bourgeois
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6 Hours


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electronic training material, unlimited post webinar support, electronic certificate