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Accent Labs has developed a unique accent modification* course designed primarily for contact centre agents and tertiary level students whose second language is English. It is an e-learning programme that can dramatically improve the English accent of a young trainee or student without in any way affecting the way they speak their mother tongue. We also offer a blended alternative with face-to-face interventions which can enhance and reinforce the e-learning.

Why English accent modification is needed

  • English has become the international language of business, but South Africans speak 11 official languages
  • Most interactions in the workplace and classroom occur in English, but only 10% of South Africans cite English as their home language
  • Clear, intelligible speech is vital to establish credibility, professionalism and understanding, but research shows that the biggest problem for customers is not being able to understand the agent taking their call.

Who can benefit from accent modification training?

Call Centre Agents and Supervisors

An agent who struggles to speak English clearly in their daily interactions with customers and prospects will be will be able to improve their diction and clarity through the Accent Labs course. Having more confident English speaking agents improves first call resolution and lowers call duration, making for an increase in customer satisfaction levels.

Everyone involved in Day-to-day Business Communication

Anyone who was not brought up with English as their first language can benefit from the improved capability to communicate with their customers, colleagues and managers in clear and understandable business English, whether face to face or on the phone. For organizations, the consequences of poor communication as a result of their front line staff and call centre agents not speaking English intelligibly are negative and far reaching.

Harambee, the job accelerator NGO, has realized this and integrated the Accent Labs into their two month contact centre training programme. We have trained over 5,000 young students in the last four years.

Other Products and Services

Accent Labs also offers face-to-face voice coaching and telephonic voice assessment services. These are available in Gauteng and in the Cape Town and Durban metropolitan areas. We will also soon be offering an online voice and accent assessment tool, which is in the final stages of development.

*Accent modification is also known as accent reduction and accent neutralisation



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