Amandlolwazi Training Centre (Pty) Ltd

Amandlolwazi Training Centre (Pty) Ltd. (ATC) has been operating for 12 years on a national scale, providing effective Occupational Health and Safety and Skills Development solutions to small and large organisations in Africa. Amandlolwazi Training Centre (Pty) Ltd is at the forefront of Quality Occupational Health and Safety and Skills Development Training and offers very competitive rates and very high standards.

Our vision at Amandlolwazi Training Centre (Pty) Ltd is to be the leaders in Training, Educating and Empowering your workforce in Skills Development and the Occupational Health and Safety Sector.

All our training programmes are conducted in English and or IsiZulu if required. Amandlolwazi Training Centre (Pty) Ltd has a Professional Team of highly skilled and qualified Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators, who have ample experience in their various fields. Amandlolwazi Training Centre (Pty) Ltd courses are Unit Standard aligned and fully Accredited.

We have Accreditation from QCTO for the Qualification number 99714. All our courses are being converted to the new landscape as required by QCTO. Updates regarding the changes will be on our web site as and when they are completed.

Our motto is “A satisfied Customer is our best Advertisement, if we don’t look after you, someone else will.” That is why we promise to meet or beat any written quote from another reputable and accredited training provider.

Power of Knowledge”


Training Info

Learners will receive a training pack on the day of training, which includes a Learner Workbook, Pen, Assessment, Assignment portfolio and any other necessary documents as required.


Public Training Courses


We offer training at our premises in Pinetown, where we have five fully equipped classrooms and four extremely competent full time Facilitators/Assessors and Moderators, as well as a number of contract Facilitators/Assessors and Moderators.

Learners will join a public class of up to 15 students. Our courses vary between practical and theory.

A light lunch (Sandwich) Tea, Coffee, Biscuits and Juice will be provided.

On-Site Training Courses

We will travel to your premises to train from 8 to 15 delegates on-site.

If you are within 100km of our premises in Pinetown the travel costs will be free of charge.

We prefer to perform onsite training in a large room with desks and chairs and will need a white board or wall to project our training presentations on. Please let us know prior to the training if you can provide what is required. It is a legal requirement that the training venue is conducive to training.

Tea and Lunch breaks will be given to the delegates as per the company where the training takes place. The company will be responsible for the refreshments on site.


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QCTO - SDP 1223/17/00342
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