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ATTE - The Training Edge (Pty) Ltd specialises in providing education, training and development (ETD) solutions across industries in South Africa. The sole purpose of The Training Edge is to provide exceptional learning experiences that are aligned to business solutions thereby actualising people and positively impacting on the bottom line.

Wencke Bolt-MacKenzie and Mercia Rous are the joint owners of the business and have collective experience of 35 years in the field. This experience coupled with a real passion for providing professional and personalised service has allowed them to meet the training and development needs of an impressive range of clients.

To be the most dynamic and progressive provider of practical solutions for education, training and development practices.

To improve the quality of life of our learners, enhance their work opportunities and improve productivity in the workplace through skills development and quality Education, Training and Development (ETD) practices, thereby contributing to the National Skills Development Strategy and the objectives of the National Qualifications Frameworks in the SADC region.

Professional Affiliations:
- Chartered HR Practitioners with the South African Board of People Practices (SABPP)
- Members of The Association for Talent Development
- Members of the Learning and Development Sub Committee of the South African Board of People Practices (SABPP)
- Members of the African Society for Talent Development (ASTD)

Learning Programme Value Proposition:
- Needs driven: learning programmes are designed in consultation with relevant stakeholders and are aligned to performance outcomes as well as national outcomes if required.
- Clarity of focus on outcomes: learning programmes are designed down from pre-determined outcomes of significance that focus on the end result of learning.
- High participation and co-operative learning: learning programmes are learner centred and designed to engage learners in interactive, co-operative and experiential learning activities.
- Relevant: learning programmes are designed to provide multiple representations of reality and avoid over-simplification of instruction. Real world, case-based learning environments are created.
- Integrated and continuous assessment: to focus on learning that integrates theory and practice as well as critical thinking, reasoning, reflection and action.

Products and Services:
- Innovative Learning Solutions: Design and develop tailored learning experiences for impact
- Delivery of Learning: Equip learners to achieve professional and personal growth through experiential learning
- Consulting: Performance consulting that adds true value to business

The Training Edge Curricula:

- Training and Development Curriculum
- Career Development Curriculum
- Human Resources Curriculum
- Sales and Service Curriculum
- Supervisors and Managers Curriculum
- Financial Curriculum

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