BIZZCO: Supply Chain and Operations Management Specialists

Enabling people to perform at their best in the Supply Chain is what we do. Our tools are designed to achieve this. We assess, train, empower and measure to give you and your team the best opportunity for success. Our rich history of delivering services to the supply chain industry, which began in 2000, has provided us with tried and tested world-class operational applications that have translated into huge successes for enabling and delivering effective solutions to our customers. Through our solutions, our customers have been able to enhance their competitive advantage and streamline their business operations. BIZZCO understands SUPPLY CHAIN PROCESSES and the roles of people in the supply chain and our EXPERTISE lies in identifying knowledge gaps and weak processes and FINDING SOLUTIONS to fix these problems.

BIZZCO’s service offering includes the following:
MerSETA and TETA Learnerships and Skills Programmes
Warehouse and Stock Control
Manufacturing Control
Planning and Scheduling
Logistics and Replenishment
Purchasing and Procurement

Competency Assessments
• Job role related assessments
• Skills gap analysis
• Personal Development Plans
• Team skill reporting

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