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DEKRA is an international player in the area of providing safety and quality for people dealing with technology, the environment and mobility. DEKRA Solutions is one of four business units under the umbrella of DEKRA SA and DEKRA International. Which is a global leader in safety since 1925, we guide our clients in evolving both organizational culture and their operational environment, enabling them to reduce exposures and injuries, save lives, and protect assets and in the process achieving higher performance.

DEKRA Solutions is an integrated solutions provider specializing in the fields of Safety, Health and Environmental Management, accredited with various SETA, s under the umbrella of the South African Qualifications Authority. The company provides a range of custom-made training solutions aimed at multi industrial organisations.
DEKRA Solutions facilitators, assessors and moderators are skilled educators with a passion to educate and inform as well as registered with the relevant SETA,s. We provide training in most of the South African languages and we also assist in course development.

DEKRA Solutions as an entity lives by the Corporate motto “On the safe side” whether it be on the road, at home, or at work. We are about people. The average adult spends over 90,000 hours at work in his or her lifetime. Our goal is for each of them to return safely to their families every day. We are about empowerment. We transfer knowledge, data, and best practices to our clients, working with leadership to create safe and sustainable, high-performance cultures.
We are about commitment. The passionate dedication of our people to your people is unmatched in our industry—and is reflected in everything we do.

DEKRA Solutions. Safety is not only our mission; it is our calling.

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