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Innovative knowledge Worx is a company based in Fourways, Johannesburg that specializes in a variety of services like training and academics. Through  IKWORX an accreditated institution named Innovative Knowledge Worx IT Academy was established in 2017. The IT  Academy is in Hatfield Pretoria and offers training to students interested in information communication technology studies. Our IT academy aims to create leverage for upcoming ICT students and employees by training, examining and certifying IT courses.

The institution is in partnership with FUNDI, which provides student loans to qualifying students who apply, also providing them with the necessary stationery if needed.

With our academy, we plan to enhance IT skills that will guarantee any employment in the field. Ikworx IT academy gets its accreditations from the DHET, CompTIA, MICROSOFT, CISCO, MICTSETA, and ORACLE. 

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Infotech Building
1st Floor, Office 2,
Arcadia St, Hatfield


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