The Institute of People Development (IPD)

Founded in 1999, Workplace Skills Solutions t/a The Institute of People Development (IPD) strives to equip, prepare and certify practitioners to serve South Africa’s skills development strategy and facilitate the transformation of education and training. Over the years, IPD has become the preferred people development partner to most state owned and private enterprises in Southern Africa. IPD has assisted over 500 public and private training providers across most sectors of the economy to achieve or maintain accreditation through consulting, training and providing published guidelines. 

A Centre of Excellence 

The Institute of People Development (IPD) is committed to an ongoing process of achieving and maintaining its status as a "centre for learning excellence". 

Primary Aim 

To enhance the quality of workplace learning provision through the development of managers, supervisors and learning development practitioners. 

The Institute strives to be a "change agent" by

  • Providing qualifications to managers, supervisors and learning & development practitioners
  • Offering recognition of prior learning (RPL) services to experienced learning & development practitioners
  • Conducting research projects designed to generate best practice products and processes through a continuous professional development (CPD) programme
  • Expanding the field of learning & development practices to the wider public through seminars, media releases, on-line resources and communities of practice workshops
  • Making available its learning facilities and resources in Midrand to its clients and stakeholders for the purposes of high quality learning provision
  • Accredited training provider for


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