Litha-Lethu Management Solutions

Litha-Lethu Management Solutions (hereinafter referred to as “Litha-Lethu”), was formed in 2000 to allow our clients to access the best in world practice in:

  • Organisational Design;
  • Change Management;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Human Capital Development and Management, and
  • Transformation Consultancy.

Our philosophy is one of service delivery that is both client focused, and relationship orientated. Our goal is to transfer knowledge, skills, processes, and systems to enable both our private and public-sector clients to optimise their roles in the economy and society and to build a superior edge.

Litha-Lethu is a collective of highly experienced business managers and strategists, transformation and human resources specialists, facilitators and psychologists who bring together a formidable range of expertise in assisting change and human resources interventions.

Litha-Lethu provides a broad range of change-based services including:

  • Change Consulting: Organisational design and structuring, stakeholder management, communication and training; values alignment.
  • Strategic Planning: Utilising [email protected] and [email protected] tools;
  • Human Capital Consulting: Organisational effectiveness, Employment Equity, Diversity Management, Disability Management, Performance Management, HR Due Diligence;
  • Human Capital Development: Strategy development and implementation, Organisational Development, Competency Profiling, HR Capacity building, Training Programmes, Skills Audits, and Job Evaluation;
  • Assessment Services: Facilitation, administration, scoring and development of Psychometric assessments, and competency-based assessments.
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