Congratulations! By selecting SRA SHE SOLUTIONS as your partner in the Safety Health and Environmental Protection of your business, you have chosen COST EFFECTIVE, IMPACTIVE and RELEVANT services.

SRA SHE SOLUTIONS focuses on new and innovative ideas of Occupational Risk Management.
Our clients are not treated as just another number in the system, but rather independently.

SRA possess an abundance of experience and expertise in the field of SHE Risk Management.
Our team are ready to offer assistance to both Macro and Micro Enterprises, District Municipalities, Governmental Institutions and Private Individuals with Effective Risk Management solutions.

SRA acknowledges that no two enterprises are alike and we endeavor to develop SHE solutions that are tailor-made to a specific enterprise’s risk profile.

As a certified Level 1 BBBEE company, MERSETA and IOSH (Institute for Occupational Health and Safety - United Kingdom) accredited service provider, we are bound by strict quality control measures thereby ensuring our clients of a superior service at all times.

Our Clients can profit from SRA’s value added services.

Our mission is to supply cost effective S.H.E solutions to every sector of operations that is appealing to the management as well as employees of the elected enterprise. Since Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management is every person’s responsibility, we strive to develop employees at ground level up to senior management level.

This will ensure that Risks within the organisation are eliminated and or mitigated in a logical and systematic manner.

This will promote to:
· Legal compliance
· Safer, healthier and environmentally friendlier working conditions
· Improved moral
· Improved productivity
· Minimisation of SHE related incidents
· Increased profits
· Business sustainability

We see a world where hazards and associated risks are eliminated or mitigated through our S.H.E solutions and support.
SRA envision people living Safer and Healthy lives because we equipped them with the knowledge, skills and resources required to make a difference in their lives.

We are committed to your specific business needs, and look forward to assist you in achieving an incident free environment.

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