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Our environment is constantly changing, therefore requiring of us to identify business opportunities, exploit them and turn those business opportunities into viable business ideas, be it for our employer or in our personal capacity.

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In these modern times and even though we use various programs and systems to perform functions such as financial calculations, record keeping and administrative actions, we do, most of the time not actually know how these programs work.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is blending the physical and digital realms of our world, whilst rapidly changing the ways we live and work. There are many predictions about the future of work, some of them, scary; and others that point to possibilities where many more people might find their purpose and fulfilment in the pursuit of their livelihoods. 

Having to learn new things can often be a daunting task.

In the workplace, employees often do not have the time to get to grips with new concepts and ideas in training sessions in addition to meeting deadlines and working effectively.

The world is undergoing massive shifts in how we operate. Several factors are contributing to this, not least of all our current situation of being stuck in our homes.

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Heeding the pleas for Post-Schooling and Workplace-Based Learning to continue, Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s) have collaborated positively with Skills Development Providers and Skills Development Levy paying organisations.

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Internet access and challenges to mobile learning in South Africa are not unique. Geographically, South Africa ranks as the 25th biggest country in the world with population centres scattered throughout the country in cities that are more spread out than their European counterparts.

In addition to this, there is a large rural population.


Who would have thought 4 weeks ago that Eskom would exploit the opportunity provided by a pandemic to catch up on much-needed maintenance? Who would have thought that the maintenance might never be paid for considering that the demand for power has all but collapsed? 4 weeks ago, Eskom was giving out tenders to private suppliers of power.

Baby Boom co-workers are stuck in a job on a level for years and a millennial counterpart arrives and gets promoted to a managerial position within a year of his/her employment. Can you understand why there is some resentment and combined feelings of fear and disappointment from the Baby Boomers?

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With the onset of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) and the associated technological challenges that will fundamentally shape the way we live, work and relate to each other there is a critical need to re-engineer the way in which we engage with learning and development.

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Working in the field of Education, Training and Development as a practitioner has many notable challenges. One of these factors is the dynamic of working on a contract basis.  For many industry employers, the position of the ETD practitioner is often not one in which they feel comfortable offering permanent positions.

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The world has changed dramatically over the last few weeks. With the total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases growing by the hour, governments are taking drastic but necessary steps to slow down the further spread of the virus until a vaccine is produced. 


You have read or heard a million times that a company’s competitive advantage in today’s current economic climate depends on its people’s skills and talents.  You have also heard platitudes like ‘people are our most important asset’ but when times are tough the first line item that gets yanked from the budget or put on hold funnily enough is always training.

Despite leadership being one of the most studied, talked about, written and read topics, we still don’t get it right most of the time.  From community through corporate to country level, failures in performance can reliably be tracked to the frailties of leaders.

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Women have the potential to be great communicators; however their sensitivity can sometimes overshadow their objectivity and in the process they lose their assertiveness. Human Resources specialist Lizanne de Jong teaches women how to address work colleagues with confidence.