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Business Analysis Support Practice

Business analysis is a vital instrument within the business environment to ensure that information technology is able to provide effective solutions for business enterprises. The development of business analysts through a suite of qualifications will have a positive impact on the broader economy of South Africa. It will also assist with bringing South Africa inline with international trends and satisfy industry requirements, at the same time bridging the skills gap in the ICT sector.


The qualifying learner will be able to:

Music Industry and Sound Technology Level 5


The area of employment for sound engineers/ technologists are mostly in the area of: Recording; Mixing, Live sound, Theatre, Mastering, Television, Broadcast, Film, Video, Multimedia, Monitor Engineers; Designers, Advisors, Commercial Producers, music producers who do not have any recognised qualification/s or have received their training abroad. The purpose of this qualification is to provide learners with the competencies required to manage functions within a sound technology workplace.

Design Foundation Level 4


The purpose of this qualification is to provide a foundation for a variety of design-orientated fields, in that the learner gains competencies in the generic processes of various design specialisations.

Film and Television Production Level 5


The purpose of the qualification is to ensure specialist competence in all the disciplines related to film and television production, including camera, lighting, vision control, vision mixing, editing, recording, sound and captioning competence, with the elective component allowing for this specialisation. Although qualifying learners are not able to make creative choices, they are capable of working under direction, and to specification, making suggestions to those with creative decision making powers.

3D Animation and Visual Effects Level 5


Learners who attain this qualification are competent 3D animation or visual effects artists. This qualification is set to improve the quality of 3D animation and visual effects in South Africa, providing an entry level of generalist competence that can be developed to improve international competitiveness.



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