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Batho Pele

Batho Pele is an approach to get public servants committed to serving people and to find ways to improve service delivery. This approach also requires the involvement of the public in holding the Public Service accountable for the quality of service provided.

Batho Pele is also about moving the Public Service from a rules-bound approach that hinders the delivery of services to an approach that encourages innovation and is results driven. In other words instead of looking for reasons why government cannot do something, they have to find better ways to deliver what people need.

Business and Report Writing Skills

Paperwork – the unofficial “grease in the axles” of the business world. Even as we move further and further into the paperless future, digital paperwork remains as a bastion of processing business processes. Writing is, therefore, a critical skill. The difference that effective writing skills make to every layer of the organisation, cannot be understated. When communications are clear, concise and accurate, with the appropriate amount of detail and nuance, the whole business benefits.

Transcend Corporate Advisors and Training

Transcend Corporate Advisors is a leading BEE consulting and strategy advisory firm that offers a suite of transformation services and solutions to South African corporates and multinational companies.

• BEE Training
• Current State Modelling
• BEE Strategy Development
• Human Capital Support
• BEE Monitoring Support
• Value Chain Support in Best Practice Preferential Procurement and Enterprise/ Supplier Development
• BEE Capacitation Resources

The Learning Organisation

The Learning Organisation (TLO) is your customer-centric solutions partner dedicated to the empowerment, growth and upliftment of communities through continuous learning by creating employment opportunities.

B-BBEE Level 2 QSE Empowering Supplier
51% Black Women Owned
100% Women Owned

Our Methodology is based on the principles of A Learning Organisation (a term first coined by Peter Senge) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which is the 20% value-add to our clients that leads to 80% of the results achieved


Founded in 1998, AstroTech has become one of South Africa's premier training service providers.
AstroTech Training offers corporate training to managers and professionals across a range
of business areas to help you to be the best that you can be in your career. Management,
leadership, business skills, computer skills and administrative training are just some of the
areas that we can help to take you to the next level.



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