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LifeLine Ekurhuleni

LifeLine Ekurhuleni (LifeLine) is a not-for-profit organisation (NPO) which has, over the past 45 years, facilitated emotional wellness in, for and with thousands of individuals and communities throughout the Ekurhuleni Municipal Region.

LifeLine’s strength lies in its ability to engage across different age, cultural, language and education levels, and to empower individuals and communities to “do for themselves”. Our volunteers and staff come from diverse backgrounds and are well-trained and passionate about wellness, caring for others and making a difference.

Contact Centre Management

Contact Centre Management

Contact Centres have become key business tools - integral to the way organisations achieve their business objectives. Contact Centres are a new industry - there is a need to develop career paths in this field, and it is a high growth industry constantly in need of skilled people.

Unit Standards Included
0323: Implement Contact Centre specific sales techniques to generate sales through a Contact Centre
10321: Monitor and maintain performance standards in a Contact Centre
10327: Provide coaching to personnel within a Contact Centre

Learn Ability

LearnAbility is an ETDP Accredited Training Provider that specialises in designing, facilitating, assessing and moderating services.



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