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Project Management Principles and Practices with Microsoft Project

The short course in Project Management Principles and Practices with Microsoft Project provides you with the skills to design, implement and manage basic project plans by means of proven project management software. During the course, you will be able to use Microsoft Project as a tool to manage projects in your specific working environment and understand the role of the project support office to successfully complete your projects. Among other topics, you will also gain exposure to project lifecycles and phases, as well as initiating and defining projects.

Sports Law

The short course in Sports Law examines some of the most common legal problems facing those in sport from managers and government officials to participants and administrators alike who deal with sport-related activities both on and off the sportsfield.

Business Writing

Good writing is an important part of career success, yet few employees receive guidance with writing and formatting documents in the workplace. The objective of the short course in Business Writing is to assist you in acquiring a set of general principles for optimal communication in professional contexts. In this course you will be assisted to write correct, concise, clear and professional business documents in traditional and new media.

Contract Drafting

Contracts are an inevitable part of commercial activity. Legal relationships are important in various sectors such as the construction industry, employer and employee relationships, purchase and sale transactions, credit agreements, etc. The way in a which a contract is drafted and interpreted plays a huge role in the execution of the obligations it contains. A deficiently drafted contract has serious consequences for parties to the contract and will generally result in material financial loss.

Programme in Competition Law

Competition law affects nearly every aspect of business and this dynamic and relevant component of the law will become more important in a highly competitive business community. The Programme in Competition Law is a part-time training programme that will give you insights into, and a good foundation of, mergers and merger control, as well as the regulation of competitive behaviour in terms of the Competition Act 89 of 1998.

Short Course in Strategic Records Management and Planning

In this introductory course, we review the end-to-end process of setting up a file plan, where documentation and systems are essential to track important content of an organisation.
To begin we review mechanisms to gather key information from stakeholders to design an effective plan alongside best practices which ensure that the functions, activities and classification of the plan are covered.

Employee Wellness in the Time of Coronavirus (E-Book)

Offices are sanitised, safety measures are implemented and social distancing and Zoom Meetings is now the new norm, but what about the emotional and mental wellbeing of your staff?

This E-Book has been specifically developed to provide individuals with coping techniques to successfully deal with uncertainty, stress, anxiety and potential loss to promote physical, mental and spiritual employee wellbeing during the COVID-19 period.



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