Change Management

Change and Diversity Management

Change and Diversity Management

Leaders are strategic change agents and this two-day course will provide leadership with fresh insight into the change process, how change affects the business and its internal and external stakeholders.  It will provide leadership with updated skills to enable them to communicate and implement change in their business in an effective, positive manner.

Change Management

This course is accredited with the Services Seta and covers unit standard 252021 at NQF level 5 worth 8 credits.

2-Day course:

Course Content:

MODULE 1: Self Awareness

 What is change?

 Emotional Intelligence

 Johari’s window

 Locus of Control

 Phases of team development


 Shape of our World

 Strategic Planning-SWOT analysis

 Problem and project selection


 The nature of change

Risk Management

This course is accredited by the Services Seta and material covers unit standard 252025 at NQF level 5 worth 8 credits.


Module1 Understanding potential risks

o The concept of risk

o Risk Factors in a unit

o The role of policies and procedures

Module 2 Identifying risks and impact

o Risks to critical processes

o Risk scenarios

o Impact assessment

Unit 3 Developing contingency plans

o Contingency strategies

o Communicating plans to stakeholders

Transformation and Change Management

Topics to be covered will include

1. Why change management is an important process for organisations in order to achieve sustainable results
2. Identify examples of planned change and reactive change in an organisation
3. Describe a model for effective change management and its management
4. Identify reasons for resistance to change and indicate ways to overcome them
5. Identify the risks inherent in any change management programme and indicate ways to manage them
Identify and apply the competencies of an effective change agent

Confidence & Assertiveness

“Say what you mean, mean what you say, stand up for yourself and communicate in a clear, respectful way!”


The Confidence and Assertiveness Skills programme is designed to increase your confidence by letting go of the past and focusing on what you want.  Confidence is a state of mind and incorporates your physiology, voice tonality and words you speak.  Being assertive is about knowing what you want to achieve – what is negotiable and what is non-negotiable.  This workshop will challenge you, your beliefs, your values and your attitude. 

Emotional Intelligence


In today’s work environment it is expected of individuals to work in teams, be self-sufficient and know how to manage themselves and others. People are the means of all achievements and they need to be passionate, self-driven, in control and know where they are going, to ensure a productive workforce. In order to create an energised workforce, we must know that people are emotional beings and that emotions affect behaviour and productivity if not managed well in ourselves and when communicating with others.

Strategic Planning & Change Management

This course is accredited by the Services Seta and material covers unit standards 15219 and 252021 at NQF level 5 worth 12 credits.




 What do we mean by Strategy?

 Why do strategic planning at all?


 SWOT Analysis

 Stakeholder Analysis

 Strategic Issues


 Operational Plans

 Work breakdown structure

 Gantt chart

3) Soft Skills Courses

Bytes People Solutions is the internationally accredited education, training, skills development and people consulting arm of the Bytes Technology Group. Bytes People Solutions are recognised as a leader in the industry and has built a credible track record over the past 10 years by providing excellent service to a large number of blue chip companies in South Africa. Various business units, supported by a strong professional skills base, deliver services in all major regions.

Leadership and Change Management


Managers, Team Leaders, Middle Managers, Supervisors, Office Managers, Department Heads and other key administrators


The purpose of the programme is to equip learners with essential skills required to lead others, manage effectively and achieve results through effective leadership and communication skills. The programme is helps both - newly appointed and practicing managers to transition as individuals, teams and as an organisation from current to desired states.


Management for New Managers

Being a manager requires a whole new set of skills that can be very daunting to the recently appointed manager.

Suddenly you are required to perform a completely new and different role as well as to take responsibility for the performance of others.

Your success is no longer dependent upon tasks completed by you but by the performance of your team. Without the skills to manage well, your own performance is in jeopardy.

Business Analysis & Systems Analysis

In order to design successful systems, it is critical first to understand a company’s business operations. The success of IT systems in organisations depends upon them fulfilling a business need and this can only be achieved if the business need is identified and understood.

Analysts need to make use of various tools and techniques to accurately model business processes and subsequently develop appropriate designs to fulfill an organisation’s business objectives.

Mastering Leadership & Management Skills

Good leadership ability coupled with solid management skills can have a significant impact on your workplace effectiveness and consequent career progression.

Without these core competencies under control, the workplace can be an extremely harsh environment.

Fortunately, leadership and management skills can be developed and to assist managers with achieving their ultimate potential and in being more effective and productive to their organisation, AstroTech is offering a course which covers the following key topics:


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