Change Management

Transformation and Change Management

Topics to be covered will include

1. Why change management is an important process for organisations in order to achieve sustainable results
2. Identify examples of planned change and reactive change in an organisation
3. Describe a model for effective change management and its management
4. Identify reasons for resistance to change and indicate ways to overcome them
5. Identify the risks inherent in any change management programme and indicate ways to manage them
Identify and apply the competencies of an effective change agent

Confidence & Assertiveness

“Say what you mean, mean what you say, stand up for yourself and communicate in a clear, respectful way!”


The Confidence and Assertiveness Skills programme is designed to increase your confidence by letting go of the past and focusing on what you want.  Confidence is a state of mind and incorporates your physiology, voice tonality and words you speak.  Being assertive is about knowing what you want to achieve – what is negotiable and what is non-negotiable.  This workshop will challenge you, your beliefs, your values and your attitude. 

Mastering Leadership & Management Skills

Good leadership ability coupled with solid management skills can have a significant impact on your workplace effectiveness and consequent career progression.

Without these core competencies under control, the workplace can be an extremely harsh environment.

Fortunately, leadership and management skills can be developed and to assist managers with achieving their ultimate potential and in being more effective and productive to their organisation, AstroTech is offering a course which covers the following key topics:

The Ultimate Sales Manager

You already excel at selling: Now you need to develop a completely different set of skills to inspire, motivate and manage a sales team for maximum productivity and profit.

The critical role of the Sales Manager transcends the mere tracking and reporting of statistics and has evolved into a role which requires proactive leadership, outstanding communication, effective decision making, and above all, motivating others to achieve top performance.

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Personal Excellence and Effective Leadership

It has become increasingly apparent that people with high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) are more successful in business and in their professional lives than those who just have high levels of "traditional intelligence".

EQ explains why some people excel while others who appear to be of a similar calibre lag behind. EQ helps us to manage our lives and our interactions with others thereby contributing to both personal excellence and greater leadership capabilities.

Risk Management

Companies are continuously exposed to Risk which if not managed properly can substantially affect both their business and their very existence.

However, Risk is something that if managed properly can be substantially reduced.

In order to assist companies to be better prepared to manage the risks facing them, AstroTech is offering a training programme on "Risk Management".

ETD Management & Quality Management

Anyone assuming the role of an ETD manager needs to be able to do a number of things:

• Be competent to develop strategic and operational plans for any skills development project.
For example, if their organisation is offering a learnership, the ETD manager must be competent to develop a project plan which maps out the objectives, outputs, processes, responsibilities, timeframes and resource requirements for the project.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Accountancy & Finance is the language of business and those who do not understand it are significantly disadvantaged. In reality business finance has a few key concepts wrapped up in technical jargon which, without too much effort, the basics can be mastered. However, for those unfamiliar, the whole world of finance can be incredibly daunting. So if you haven't been trained to prepare a budget, read financial statements, analyse figures, cut costs, etc, then this course is just for you.

The Executive Management Programme- The Big 7 Elements for an Effective Business Leader


In order to succeed in the business world, managers are increasingly coming under pressure to have a more holistic understanding of business as a whole.

To provide maximum benefit to their organizations, it is important for managers to not only understand their own area of specialty but to also have a good working understanding of business as a whole.

FET Certificate: ODETDP NQF4

NQF Level 4: 120 Credits

This qualification is aimed at Learning and Development (L&D) Practitioners entering into the L&D field.

The programme is structured around one study block, three times during the year to support flexibility, access and learner-directed training.

One thousand two hundred notional learning hours are required to achieve this qualification.

Management for New Managers

Being a manager requires a whole new set of skills that can be very daunting to the recently appointed manager.

Suddenly you are required to perform a completely new and different role as well as to take responsibility for the performance of others.

Your success is no longer dependent upon tasks completed by you but by the performance of your team. Without the skills to manage well, your own performance is in jeopardy.

Business Analysis & Systems Analysis

In order to design successful systems, it is critical first to understand a company’s business operations. The success of IT systems in organisations depends upon them fulfilling a business need and this can only be achieved if the business need is identified and understood.

Analysts need to make use of various tools and techniques to accurately model business processes and subsequently develop appropriate designs to fulfill an organisation’s business objectives.

Transcend Corporate Advisors and Training

Transcend Corporate Advisors is a leading BEE consulting and strategy advisory firm that offers a suite of transformation services and solutions to South African corporates and multinational companies.

• BEE Training
• Current State Modelling
• BEE Strategy Development
• Human Capital Support
• BEE Monitoring Support
• Value Chain Support in Best Practice Preferential Procurement and Enterprise/ Supplier Development
• BEE Capacitation Resources

The Learning Organisation

The Learning Organisation (TLO) is your customer-centric solutions partner dedicated to the empowerment, growth and upliftment of communities through continuous learning by creating employment opportunities.

B-BBEE Level 2 QSE Empowering Supplier
51% Black Women Owned
100% Women Owned

Our Methodology is based on the principles of A Learning Organisation (a term first coined by Peter Senge) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which is the 20% value-add to our clients that leads to 80% of the results achieved

The Mindspa Institute

The Mindspa Institute was founded in 2007 and focuses on customising strategic, training and motivational interventions to suit the specific and unique needs of the client.

With our many years of hands on experience gained in the corporate environment we are positioned to provide our clients with customised design and delivery of innovative business and people solutions in a very practical and useful manner and geared for the South African reality.

VETTA Internationale

At VETTA, we don’t see ourselves as any ordinary training company. We’re dynamic and service the specific training and development needs of small, medium and large business, from a wide selection of leading-edge courses and products, with a strong focus on experiential value, sustainability and return-on-investment. Offering over 60 ‘essential skills’ courses (accredited or non-accredited) for more than 19 years, we are in the business of maximising and sustaining the value of human resources.VETTA Internationale offers hands-on, practical training workshops for every level of learner.

POP Training and Consulting

POP Training and Consulting has extensive experience in building excellence through people.

Our focus is to assist clients to build a High Performance Organisation, and to attract and retain excellent staff.

We provide:

A comprehensive intervention for Building High Performance Teams.


PMI is registered as a Private Higher Education Institute with the Department of Higher Education and Training is accredited to provide qualifications and skills programmes across a range of SETA's. With 40 years experience as a leading provider of Human Capital Development solutions in Southern Africa, PMI currently trains more than 13 000 learners per year and is committed to positively impacting the productivity and profitability of our clients.

Keybase Training Solutions CC

At Keybase we pride ourselves in being among the leaders of corporate computer and soft skill training.

We strive to provide you, our valuable clients, with the best possible solutions to your training requirements.

Keybase has been among the leaders in both corporate and private adult education since 1990.

Keybase has consistently gone from strength to strength, always providing the best possible services to our dedicated client base.

Khulisane Academy (Pty) Ltd

SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PROVIDER: YOUR OCCUPATION IS OUR BUSINESS. Khulisane Academy is dynamic company that was established on 1 October 2003 to serve as Skills Development Practitioner and assist businesses to comply with the Skills Development Act / Skills Development Levies Act and help with the implementation of the National Skills Development Strategy.

Imsimbi Training

Imsimbi derived from "insimbi" means strength and resolve: the power we hope to unleash in each individual so that each person can attain their higher purpose and full potential.

Imsimbi Training’s vision is to unleash the real potential of our clients through breathing soul and integrity into organizations’ service delivery.

As a professional training organisation we are committed to inspiring and empowering all delegates attending our courses.

Institute of People Development

Empowering People Development through proven techniques and practices for two decades.

The Institute of People Development is an accredited provider of workplace trainer and vocational educator qualifications ODETD Practices, Generic Management and specialised Skills programmes through Training, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Growth-Link Integrated Solutions

Growth-Link now also offers Selection and Development Assessments.

Growth-Link Integrated Solutions is in existence for more than 12 years and has long-term relationships with business partners of numerous blue chip companies in Africa.

Our main aim is to provide organisation- and people development solutions.

Growth-Link Integrated Solutions does not specialise in a specific industry as our solutions are focussed on integration and simplification working in partnership with our customers.

AMSI & Associates cc

AMSI and ASSOCIATES cc is a SETA accredited provider specialising in training, development and improving staff relations.

Over the years AMSI and Associates cc has developed extensive knowledge and experience in, Human Resources, Industrial and Labour Relations, Management and supervisory Development, Coaching, Counseling and Skills Development Practices.


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