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Opinions vary – But who is right?

When I listen to talk radio it never ceases to amaze me how many people phone in and say the “previous caller was wrong”
Communication levels in South Africa fail hopelessly for the simple reason one person fails to listen to the other and then has the audacity to tell the other person they are wrong. Who gives anyone this right – to tell another they are wrong?

We are all entitled to our opinions and to express our opinions and, irrespective of what source we base our knowledge on what we have learned and what we accept is based on our personal choice.

The ins and outs of technical report writing

Technical report writing is a skill that many well-meaning engineers are failing to master. What does it take to write a comprehensive report? Communications specialist Mabel Terblanche explains.

There are some common blunders made by both novice and experienced engineers, says Terblanche.
She points out that young engineers have a tendency to use templates that are incorrect. This is either due to an unwillingness to ask for help or what optimists would describe as misguided resourcefulness.

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At Alusani Skills & Training Network (Pty) Ltd® we assist thousands of people every year to meet their training needs with our training solutions.

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About Our Public Training Courses

Business English - when nobody understands

A good command of the English language is essential in the workplace. Employees who can communicate effectively will set themselves apart in the marketplace and establish credibility amongst senior managers.

The Business English course hosted by Alusani Skills & Training Network is a favourite amongst employers. The quality of the course and demand for good language skills in business has lead to repeated calls to rerun the programme.



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