Customer Service and Frontline


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During this 1-day Interactive Assessment session the learners, in a group, report on their progress, strengths and review their performance, in terms of the training programme that they attended.

Small Business Manager/Owner (Customer Care)

This skills programme is aimed at people who interact with customers at the level where they are expected to be able to answer some customer queries and resolve customer complaints. These persons are also able to identify and handle different types of customer behaviours in their operational unit in their area of work. Persons credited with the unit standards in this skills programme demonstrate an understanding of and can implement customer service standards and can operate in a number of contexts some of which may be non-routine.

Customer Care

This skills programme is intended for people working in a customer related- or service environment. This skills programme will develop a person’s ability to identify customer complaints and assist in the solving of a problem while finding possible solutions. The focus will also be on communicating effectively and provide practical business solutions as well as to explain the benefits of customer service they are able to initiate contact with customers, maintain contact with them, administer the contact with customers to ensure effectiveness.

Skills Certificate : Front Line Communication

This skills programme is aimed at learners who want to communicate effectively in any front line position. Learners will acquire the competency to determine the purpose of text, format and edit text and analyse text to determine the various values conveyed by the text. Learners will also improve their skills in responding to people they communicate with and apply techniques to effectively convey a message.

NQF Level: 4


Short Course in Relationship Marketing: Building Strong Relationships with Customers

Increased competition and globalisation necessitates that customers must be retained. Building long-term relationships with reciprocal customers is one way to manage customer retention. Yet, very few managers and employees know why and how to build relationships with customers. The objective of the Building Strong Relationships with Customers short course is to assist you in understanding customer needs and to identify customers for relationships marketing, which should positively impact customer retention.

Short Course in Professionalism and Communication Etiquette

Professional behaviour, effective communication skills and ethical business conduct are sought-after competencies and attributes in the workplace.
This interactive Professionalism and Communication Etiquette short course will provide you with an understanding of how to present yourself professionally at work, improve your interpersonal communication skills and apply best practice business etiquette to improve their work environments, add value to their organisations and develop their own career paths.



Learners acquiring qualification will be learning towards obtaining a national qualification or working within the logistical activities of a company in a management environment.



· Managing customer satisfaction.

· Measuring and controlling the overall costs of logistics activities.

· Managing the transport function.

·  Managing the warehouse function.

·  Managing inventory and the purchasing function.

National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail operations


Wholesale and Retail Operations, addresses skills and competencies for enabling entry-level employment and positions. The qualifying learner will to access opportunities for further development and training in the specialised areas of Wholesale and Retail


·  Operations.

·  Administration.

·  Merchandising.

·  Stock control.

·  Customer service.

·  Visual display merchandising.




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